This page will keep you up-to-date on the latest judicial developments and other activities related to human rights in Chile.



For The Right to Live in Peace: Never again shall Torture Exist

CODEPU: Clara Sczaranski Should Resign

Supreme Court Upholds Decision to Strip Pinochet of Immunity

Attorneys Laud Supreme Court Ruling

The Secret Bank Accounts of Pinochet

Pinochet in the Clutches of the Condor

70 Days: Hunger Strike for Justice

Pinochet Stripped of Immunity;
Sandoval Case Decision Postponed

Urgent Call to All Human Rights Organizations:
Justice Put to the Test in Sandoval Rodriguez Case

Human Rights Lawyers Call for Withdrawal of Bill

National Commission on Political Imprisonment and Torture:
Too Little Too Late for Thousands

Alert Chile: On Insulza Proposal for Impunity

Clara Szczaranski Reopens Amnesty Law to Scrutiny

Proposal For Reparations For Victims of Grave Human Rights Violations
Fabiola Letelier, Adil Brkovic and Alicia Ramirez

The Families of the Disappeared and Executed Refuse to
Barter Money for Justice

Petition Seeks Repeal of Definitive Dismissal of Pinochet

Exiles File Civil Suits

Complaint for Torture and Murder of Priest Miguel Woodward

Redistribution of Cases Investigated by Judge Juan Guzman

Searching for My Disappeared Husband





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