Case documents including sworn testimonies, motions and others.



Pinochet-Contreras Cross Examination
Excerpts from transcript of cross examination conducted by Judge Victor Montiglio for Operation Colombo case, November 18, 2005

Supreme Court Deprives Augusto Pinochet of Immunity
Operation Colombo case, September 14, 2005

Denial of Justice Claim
Claimants ask the Supreme Court to intervene in the Valparaiso Criminal Court on account of denial of justice in human rights cases.

Motion for Protection
On January 27, 2005, the Association of Relatives of the Disappeared filed a motion for protection that seeks to overturn the Supreme Court agreement to arbitrarily close human rights investigations within six months.

Sworn Statement on Sergio Ferrer , Medical Expert for Pinochet Defense

Analysis of the Ruling in the Miguel Angel Sandoval Case
On January 5, 2004, for the first time, the Court of Appeals Fifth Chamber disregarded amnesty and upheld sentencing in a case involving forced disappearance. Selections from the ruling and analysis by plaintiff attorney Nelson Caucoto.

Third Report on the Mental Health of Augusto Pinochet: On the Manipulation of Medicine and Justice to Dismiss a Defendant Responsible for Committing Crimes, August 12, 2002
Psychiatrists Martin Cordero and Andrea Bahamondes and neuropsychiatrist Paz Rojas and criticise the medical report on which Chile's Supreme Court founded its decision to dismiss proceedings against Pinochet, and analyze his state of health after that ruling.

Definitive Dismissal of Proceedings Against Augusto Pinochet Ugarte
(July 1, 2002) Ruling of the Supreme Court of Chile that definitvely dismisses proceedings against Pinochet as defendant in the Caravan of Death case due to mental incapacity.

Letter from Dr. Luis Fornazzari
Letter from Dr. Luis Fornazzari, one of the doctors who examined Pinochet in January 2001, to the prosecuting attorneys in the Caravan of Death case. Fornazzari denounced that the changed diagnosis sought to exaggerate Pinochet’s state of health and refused to sign the new medical report.


Judicial and Biblical Considerations for Annulling the Dismissal of the Pinochet Indictment is addressed to the Supreme Court by attorneys Juan Pavin and Juan Subercaseaux. (in Spanish)


Sworn statement by Dr. Alberto Neumann before Judge Hernan Sanchez Marre in the investigation of the mass grave discovered in 1990 in Pisagua. Neumann was imprisoned in the Pisagua Prisoner of War Camp and was a witness to an execution.


Diagram of the mass grave at the Pisagua cemetery where the remains of 19 prisoners were discovered.


List of Prisoners Executed at Pisagua


List of Prisoners Executed, Caravan of Death

Rejoinder from State Defense Council to Civil Suit by Exiles:
issued July 18, 2001, which legitimizes de facto laws enacted by the dictatorship.




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