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Strategies from Chile for the Global Struggle against Impunity
Fabiola Letelier Del Solar
Judges Knew and Chose Not to Act
Torture Was Denounced from the Start
A Free People Will not Tolerate Incomplete Justice
Judge Juan Guzman Tapia
Amnesty and Statutes of Limitation Foster Impunity
Jose Galiano, for American Association of Jurists
Memory of Women:
Violence in the Nation and in the Home
Lessons from 30 Years of Transnational Struggle Against Impunity
Fabiola Letelier
U.S. Court Issues Historic Verdict in Caravan of Death
Exposing the Crime of Torture
Hiram Villagra

"Flight from Chile: Voices of Exile"
Thomas Wright and Rudy Oñate

Pinochet Before the High Spanish Court and International Criminal Law
Joan Garces
The 1978 Amnesty Law and International Treaties
Alfonso Insunza Bascuñan
Witness Reveals Details of the Caravan of Death's Stop in La Serena
The Appeals Court Ruling is Negotiated out for Pinochet
Hugo Gutierrez
Jurists Back Legitimacy of United Nations System
American Association of Jurists
  The Principle of Universal Justice Assailed in Spain
Gustavo Gomez
The Judiciary Must Give a Clear Response on Human Rights Violations
Judge Carlos Cerda




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