Devoted to the restoration of the human dimension of the victims. We invite your testimonies, photos, and other contributions that help reclaim our collective memory and unravel the truth about the events that affected them and Chile.



"Laws that order us to forget guarantee impunity"

"Impunity erases all histories that diverge from the official history, which is the only one that is ordained to be remembered. As Argentine author Litto Nebbia has said, 'if history is written by the victors, then there must exist another history, the true history. Hear all who care to hear.' I would add, 'and demand justice.' Law s that order us to forget, justified as a guarantee of stability, only guarantee impunity ... That is why imposed oblivion does not last. What is actually imposed is the need to fully understand what happened and the need for collective catharsis to cleanse the wound. Otherwise, reconciliation will be impossible.

Spanish Judge Baltasar Garzon
Buenos Aires, Argentina
December 6, 2001

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